Front Cover

Get the album, "When Will I Begin?"

Thank you for your interest in my music. I am grateful for your patronage. There is a lot of really good music out there, and for you to consider mine is humbling.


You can acquire the album either as a CD, or electronically via iTunes, Apple Music or Amazon.

1) The CD VERSION is available through PayPal, but you do NOT need a PayPal account to use PayPal. You can check-out as a "GUEST".

2) If you purchase electronically, via Amazon, make sure you log-in to your Amazon account (first) BEFORE clicking onto the Amazon link.

3) You must have an iTunes and/or Apple Music account in order to get their digital version of the album.

Here comes the two (separate) links to the CD and the DIGITAL versions of When Will I Begin:

The CD is ready! - complete with superior CD sound quality and the stunning 4-panel graphic art design (thanks to Cynthia Fontaine).

The digital version of the album is available, too, via iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon. Either way, thank you.

Thank You(s)

Thank you to the amazing musicians who contributed to this album. They include:

Skip Fischer: Drums. Former drummer for Chuck Berry, master Latin drummer, and more.

Nick Hunt: Keyboards. Nick "nailed" his parts in the recording studio faster than I have ever seen. Great rhythm.

David Kassel: Fiddle. Three-time winner of Lowell Folk Music Festival fiddling contest

Manuel Kaufmann: Bass. Big band director/arranger extraordinaire, Berklee School of Music teacher

Roberto Ramos: Bass. Master Texas musician who has appeared in over 200 albums

Brian Rost: Stand-up bass. Local specialist in country, bluegrass, folk - as steady as they come

Paul Benzaquin: Vocals, hand drums. Multi-instrument specialist and master music teacher. Paul convinced me to go into teaching way back when. Best advice ever.

Emilie Faucher: Vocals. Multi-style local singer with a special talent for drama.

Hal Katzman: Vocals. Multi-style five-octave-range singer who never misses a note. A phenom. Hal is also a cantor.

Nadia Leder: Vocals. Music teacher and co-director of the wonderful youth orchestra, Spencer Brooks Strings, Maynard, MA.

Thanks also to:

Roger Christie: Producer, recording specialist of Black Cat Crossing studio, in Harvard, MA. My co-conspirator. (Please read: Music Musings for more about Roger)

Cynthia Fontaine: Graphic artist, teacher. Superlatives are superfluous. Just see her album design for yourself.

David Kinniburgh: Photographer, wilderness man hiker. Nobody else could have taken that front-album picture.

Elliot Gilfix: Photographer. My nephew has won so many photography awards that it is getting boring. The back-cover picture was perfect.