WELCOME to David Gilfix Songs


I call my music “progressive folk rock.” It’s not necessarily acoustic but rather includes any style of music that grows organically within a people or culture.

I hope, therefore, that this album appeals to people who savor music of different styles.

"When Will I Begin?" presents eleven new songs in a broad assortment of musical ideas and perspectives developed over a lifetime of toe-stubbing using whatever style(s) I feel best fit the song: rock, folk, folk rock, Celtic, bluegrass, country, pop, punk, Doo Wop, Afro-Caribbean, and Broadway. Each musical style represents an exciting world of rhythms and melodies that I can explore and combine as needed.

Virtually every song in this album was arranged, performed, and recorded on several occasions during my spare time over the past two years. It was an evolution and a labor of love. If this album speaks to you then I am honored and humbled.