The best thing that ever happened to me was that I was born. And you being born, I am guessing, is the best thing that ever happened to you. (Please listen to The Story of You). If I hadn’t been born then I wouldn’t have met my wife, Sharyn, and we wouldn’t have had our daughters, Miryam and Eliana. So you can see, being born was very important to me.

After I was born, I grew up, went to school, played sports, got into trouble, and did all the other things that most people do. And then I made this album.


His extraordinary musicianship immediately grabs your attention and pulls you in to discover these beautifully-crafted lyrical gems.

Don White, nationally recognized songwriter/performer, comedian, storyteller.

A guitarist of very high quality, Mr. Gilfix performed with sensitivity and virtuosity.

France-Amérique Newspaper (translation)

David’s new album is warm, funny, and upbeat. He speaks of family and love with the voice of someone who spends a lot of time there. A great listen and will bring joy to a lot of listeners.

Les Sampou, blues singer, performer, composer for films and television.

David Gilfix's play is an extraordinary document. [He} captures the cynicism and despair of the era and builds a stirring emotional landscape. [theatre review].

Staś Kmieć, award-winning Broadway and film choreographer

I think that would have sounded better on the kazoo.

Yoav Shorr

Please stop playing! I’m trying to sleep!

Someone in the Gilfix family